Sunday, 27 December 2015

Another year over, new friends, stories written, ideas bubbling ...

The year end is around the corner and the New Year ready and waiting for us to do great things and share love, laughter and stories with who we meet.
It is good to look over what we accomplish and see, where we can either, learn from our experiences or challenge ourselves with something new.
Toulouse, France, Feb 2015
Writers need to keep the flow going, there is always some story competition that will strike us as interesting or an idea for a novel will hit while preparing the dinner. Even an overheard piece of conservation can spark a plot for a play, so we writers are constantly surrounded by inspiration, no excuses!
But do we use this wonderful source of ideas? This is why I like to look over the year that's ending and see what I've achieved and help plan for the new year that beckons.
How did I do in 2015?
My story The Timepiece was shortlisted in the RTÉGuide/Penguin short story competition and resulted in a lovely day out in Dublin with others that were also shortlisted. Another long short story, Roll Up, Roll Up!, was published on Amazon. If you like horror then this is for you! In November I was asked to write a Christmas story for my local paper and was thrilled when it got a great reception by those who read it. It was titled, A Perfect ChristmasI also had memory pieces published in Ireland's Own, this magazine is a national treasure and I was again delighted to be included in two of its issues.
In February, I treated myself to a week in Toulouse, France where I wrote and soaked up all the week in a new city offered me.
Manchester, England.
My 1st novella in the western genre, The Runaway, which suits both young adults and grown-ups alike, was published in April. Following on, in June, the paperback of My Husband's Sin was brought out, after its success an an eBook, since Aug. 2014 and is going from strength to strength. Also in June, my 1st adult romance, One Night in Barcelona, was published by Tirgearr Publishing.
I completed my 2nd novella in the western genre, this time a romance titled, Destiny, which I have held back for publication in February of 2016, under the auspices of Writers of the West
In July I went to Manchester and met up with some international writing friends from a group of which I'm part of on social media. It was the 1st time for us to meet and it was a wonderful experience. The group name is FWG, (Fiction Writers Group) go check them out,
I was blessed too when it came to my projects for theatre. My play, The Bench, had a staged reading during the Kanturk Arts Festival, in Co. Cork. Then with three other play writing friends, I co-wrote the play, Catching The Train, and it was performed for two nights in December, in Friars Gate Theatre, Co. Limerick, directed by Mandy Donworth. It was nerve-wrecking and exciting to see our words brought to life on stage.
My year included mentoring 2 women groups for Family Resource Centres in Croom and Hospital, and producing a booklet to accompany their art
Roscommon, Ireland, Splinter Group
work that was exhibited.
I finished my year by meeting with other great writing friends for a weekend in Roscommon, Ireland. We are called the Splinters. We are a mix of international, wonderful, friendly writers and definitely check this group out,
It has been a productive but busy time and now it is time to build on it and plan for next year. I hope when you look over the past year, you too are happy with what you produced in the writing world.
Every word put on paper is a step closer to ending that story, poem, novel or play that sits inside your head. It is another step closer to marking off your to-do list and boosting your self-confidence.
Have a wonderful New Year everyone and good luck in all things writings.

The following are links to some of my books, if you are interested.

Wednesday, 18 November 2015

ANSWER to the The Romance Review Q & A HERE

Are you taking part in the great The Romance Rview question and answer giveaway? Well to answer my question on the giveaway, read the below excerpt from, One Night in Barcelona, to find the answer. Hint, it is in bold writing. Got it? Now click on the link to the TRR site on the right hand side of my blog page to take you to the site. Good luck!

One Night in Barcelona Excerpt

“And that is why it is the best place in the world.” Carlos took a bow and Natasha clapped. They went and sat on some steps. The spray from a nearby fountain covered them in a fine mist. The water rose into the air in tiers, each one reaching higher than the last. This city was even spectacular by night.
It was true what Carlos had said. Barcelona was the best place in the world. She rested her head on his shoulder. He placed an arm around her and they sat quietly for a few minutes, soaking in the tranquillity that the sound of water can bring. It was this sound that reminded Natasha that she still wanted to see the statue of Christopher Columbus.
“Come on lazybones, your tour guide duties are not over yet.” She jumped up and dragged him with her. “I want to see Christopher Columbus, the guy that haunted me in history lessons in school.”
Carlos led them to Port Veil and soon the great column came into sight. The man himself, cast in bronze, was perched on top, looking out to sea. The base of the monument was huge and lions and winged angels adorned the magnificent structure.
The bay was beautiful even at night. Some cruise liners were anchored further out, their lights twinkling against the black background. Barcelona was a favourite stopover spot for the cruise industry.
Carlos took Natasha over to a low harbour wall. There were some smaller boats moored nearby. They bobbed up and down with the swell of the Mediterranean.

Monday, 2 November 2015

Another Title 
As a writer, I am exploring different genres and I am so enjoying the journey so far. My latest, Roll Up, Roll Up! is a short story in the horror genre. I was amazed when this story came to me as I would not have considered writing horror before that ever. It shows we are a servant to our craft. When a character comes in to our heads, it demands to be listened to.
Writing in different genres has given me plenty to think about. So far, I have written contemporary, erotic, western and now horror. I have also a paranormal novel waiting to be completed.
I would encourage other writers to try different genres and move out of your comfort zone even if only as an exercise. It helps the creative mind to think in different ways, how to express emotion, atmosphere, conflict and pace under different circumstances.
Take the western genre for example, I had to do my research and I so enjoyed reading about life in the 1800's in America. I purchased two great books, Everyday Life among the American Indians, 1800 to 1900, A Guide for Writers, Students & Historians by Candy Moulton, the other one, The Writer's Guide to Everyday Life in the 1800's by Marc McCutcheon. Both of these books are available on Amazon.
Even writing erotic romance, I had to do my homework!
So enjoy my latest offering in the short story, Roll Up, Roll Up! and give it a go. So horror, paranormal, western, erotic romance, western romance and contemporary, I have dabbled in. And, yes, I have found my favourite genre to write in. I don't think I would have only that I explored different genres and now I know what is the most comfortable for me to write in.
Happy writing, :)

Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Ghosteire. Mixing with Spirits of a Different Kind

As a writer I am told a lot that I must have a great imagination, well that imagination needs feeding, so imagine my delight when I was invited to take part in a paranormal investigation.
I jumped at the chance. Research is research.
So armed with a few prayers before I went in to the building where it was all happening, I joined the handful of others who were there to share the evening with me. We were in a theatre, a former cinema in Co. Limerick.
The team from Ghosteire were very welcoming and friendly. Anthony, who seemed to be the main man, introduced the other members and explained about the equipment that was scattered around the building. There were cameras, recorders, mirrors, laptops to connect with the other equipment in other rooms so we could see on screen what, if anything happened.
First, Anthony and the team used the talking board to ask questions to the spirits present to come forward. One duly obliged, a female from 1680 dressed in black.
When asked what type of spirit was she, she told us she manifested as an angel. But she was not alone. There were a total of 8 spirits on stage. Because we were in a theatre, Anthony asked questions connected to acting and other fellow actors/actresses. We learnt that she was attracted to the actor, Jack Oakey, in fact, this guy's name came up twice during the evening.
The session closed with a seance on the stage. We, the guests were invited to take part if we wish and we wished!
What an experience, the vibrating, the cold breeze, the rocking of the table, all amazing. I should add that before the event began, Anthony told us that at any stage we were free to leave if we felt uncomfortable for any reason. We were also given paper and pen to record anything we ourselves felt or saw or heard during the evening.
Did I sense or feel or hear anything? I sure did. My seat got very hot, the back of it, and I could not sit back, I had to keep leaning forward. The heat had started on the back of my neck and moved into the chair. I got a strong burning smell on another occasion. I also heard a rumbling from a nearby empty room the same time as others, we all turned our heads at the same moment.
Others there experienced sensations too, while a few did not.
Would I go again? For sure!
I want to thank, Anthony and the Ghosteire team for their friendliness and the opportunity to share in such a learning experience.
To find out more about Ghosteire, follow the links below.

Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Best Part of being a Writer

When I sat down to write my first short story many years ago, I never entertained the idea of writing a novel. I was happy scribbling down the antics of my children while they were toddlers and as they grew, I started writing stories and secretly had hopes of publication.
I joined creative writing courses and enrolled in Kilroy's College and did their course and received my Diploma with Distinction in Creative Writing. I was thrilled with the results.
I was always lucky that I had excellent tutors who were lovely people also.

After moving from Dublin back to my hometown in County Cork, I continued with my writing. I made new friends in writing circles and by now my short stories were in national and interntional magazines, newspapers and anthologies.
I must be honest and say I had promised myself that in my forties I would write my first novel. As usual, life has a way of getting in the way of plans and I ended up with major health problems in my forties resulting in open-heart surgery.
So now my goal was put back to my fifties. I am thrilled to say I achieved my goal of writing my first book.
My Husband's Sin, published by Tirgearr Publishing was launched as an eBook in August 2014. It has been successful since being published and my publishers were happy to bring it out in paperback in June 2015.
To hold my novel in my hand was the best feeling ever. It is so worth all the hard work, the long hours, the writing, rewriting, the nerves will it, wont it be published, the rejections, the encouragement from fellow writers, the exhaustion and oh the celebrations.

So if you harbour the thought of seeing your book on the shelves, go for it! It is the most wonderful feeling ever.
I have since had published, The Runaway and One Night in Barcelona and I am aiming to have a new western romance out for Christmas.
A writers day never ends.

Saturday, 26 September 2015

Cathy's Book Launch

Where The Shamrocks Grow

I had the pleasure of meeting a lady this weekend who is charming, gentle and so so talented. I had the good fortune of being invited to her book launch and being a fellow Tirgearr author, I was thrilled to accept. After all, if she could travel over from Leicester in England to host her launch in Dublin, Ireland, I could travel from Cork to support her.

Who is this lady?  

She is Cathy Mansell. Writer of romantic fiction set in her home country of Ireland and Leicester where she has lived for fifty years. This talented lady has her childrens stories frequently broadcast on local radio, along with writing newspaper and magazine articles, she is kept very busy. .

BLURB for Where the Shamrocks Grow.

Set in 1917 against the backdrop of the Irish civil war, young Jo Kingsley is transported from her turbulent childhood of domestic servitude, to the sophisticated life of the upper classes at the beautiful Chateau Colbert. Here she meets Jean-Pierre, the grandson of her employer, Madame Colbert, and visits Paris where she discovers the desires of men. But Jo’s destiny takes her to America where she experiences more than her dreams of becoming a music teacher.
During prohibition, in the mysterious haunts of Greenwich Village, she falls deeply in love with Mike Pasiński, a free-spirit; and a son of Polish emigrants. However, loneliness, loss and hardship follow during the Wall Street crash.
Will the beautiful Jo let go of her demons and learn to love again?

Cathy is also the author of Shadow Across The Liffey, Her Father's Daughter and Galway Girl. All these novels are filled with romantic suspense and a cracking good tale.

You will find Cathy at the following

Also on the day, the lovely Sharon Black another fellow Tirgearr author was present supporting Cathy. It was the first time for the three of us to meet.

Tuesday, 25 August 2015


Today I am hosted over on the Long and Short Reviews site who are celebrating their anniversary.
They are kindly offering to anyone who reads their post on my novella, One Night in Barcelona, a wonderful chance to win a $100 voucher for Amazon or Barnes & Noble and other bookstores.
So what are you waiting for? Get over there now and read their post and leave a comment too if you wish, I would appreciate it, and then enter the draw.

Here is the link you need to get there


Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Number 13, unlucky for Natasha?

Are you superstitious? Does the number thirteen have you breaking out in a cold sweat? Or does walking beneath a ladder? What about stepping on the crack on a pavement, does it leave you blessing yourselves a hundred times a day? I guess we are either believers or non-believers.
Galway, Ireland
I sort of fall in to the second category, I am not superstitious but I do respect traditions and customs. There is no better place than Ireland for all of the above, we are a country steeped in tradition, custom and superstition. But back to the dreaded number 13!

When my publisher, told me that my romance, One Night in Barcelona, would be number 13 in their City Nights Series, I was not perturbed by it.
In fact I believe 13 to be a good number for personal reasons that some have told me are odd. But it works for me. A story for another time for sure.
But did it work for Natasha Gordon? She is the lady who heads to Barcelona for a getaway break. Was it what she expected? How did the weekend turn out for her?
Was being number 13 in the series unlucky for her? Why not buy your copy and find out did she survive the unlucky superstition for some and help make her weekend to that beautiful city a happy one. Here are the links to help you.
 Amazon. com
Tirgearr Publishing

Monday, 20 July 2015

Meet Earl Chessher, writer & videographer

I recently spent time in the company of Earl Chessher. He is an amazing man, with a strong passion for all things writing. I was delighted when he agreed to answer some questions for me and be a guest on my blog. So on with the interrogation, I mean interview! 
Can you tell us a little about yourself?

I've put a lot of living into 66 years, and am nowhere near a stopping point now. One thing, however, that has been consistent with me is the insatiable urge to read, write, hear people's stories and preserve those stories. It lead me to my major lifetime career as a journalist and newspaper publisher, and funnelled me into video production as a secondary career.
A huge collection of personal notes, accumulated stories and interviews on audiotapes, and literally stacks of journals were lost to me in a fire that destroyed a home I was building in East Texas. I escaped with me, a light jacket, a pair of jeans and a pair of cowboy boots. That was around 30 years ago. I have been accumulating new journals, more stories, and now, videotaped interviews, rebuilding my literary stash ever since.
Now, I enjoy the luxuries of the Internet, digital recording and a social networking system that has made the world a much smaller place. I also enjoy mentoring, interacting and following members of an 8,000-plus Facebook group I am the administrator for, called Fiction Writers Group. We also publish anthologies, collecting stories submitted exclusively by FWG members.

What genres do you like to write in?

I am a self-confessed genre-jumping writer. There are very few genres I do not like writing in, or that I will not tackle as I continue my third career. My preferences are contemporary fiction, adventure, psychological thriller, low-level horror (not slasher), western storytelling, romance and quality erotica. And I gladly dabble in fantasy writing.

What is the title of your latest book, (tell us a bit about it)? 

I have two, actually, part of an ongoing endeavour, along with a very special group of dedicated writers, to revive western storytelling. Stilts is about a young man who loses his legs when a group of thugs shoot them out from under him, murder his parents and kill their horses. He overcomes this handicap, finds a new life with good friends who admire him, and eventually brings the the gang of thugs to justice in the western tradition.
In Buried Memories the ghost of a girl who was murdered along with her parents haunts an especially unique cowboy with a horrible loss and dark past of his own, and together they find justice, in addition to the restoration of love for this unique cowboy who needs someone to share his heart with.
What are you currently working on?

Gosh, so many … another Writers of the West novella, featuring another unique character, I think, who isn't your run-of-the-mill cowboy. I intersperse my longer projects with short stories of various lengths, of which I am currently working on three. I have two novels to complete, hopefully, by end of year, and the second in a fantasy series of three books.
I hope to achieve these goals because I have a major new undertaking that will consume my writing time for probably the next two years, with a great, I think, new adventure/action/thriller project featuring creatures that will provide a bit of relief from the usual vampires, werewolves, shape changers and superheroes. It had better work, because this will be the most serious and focused project of my literary career.

When and where do you like to write? Have you a favourite place?

I spend much of my time in my writing cave—my single bedroom is a video editing and writing office. I do, however, really enjoy sitting outside on my patio, or at an area coffee shop to write and research, as well as a huge local library. I also occasionally get to meet with a very special writing friend, and we both sit at our laptops, tapping away, sometimes commenting and sharing. That is a seriously refreshing change in my usual writing habits.

Has there been a defining moment in your career that made you think, ‘Yes, I am a writer’?

Many, many years ago, after countless submissions to magazines, I managed to place two in one year. Getting the acceptance, and then that check, in spite of having already established a newspaper and journalistic career, I felt that I had arrived. This, reinforced by a series of contest awards for personality profiles and human interest stories, as well as my ongoing personal creative writing column, gave me faith in myself and firmly established my self-confidence.

What is next for you?

I have no fewer than a dozen—actually more like twenty—projects I want to bring to fulfilment before I move on to the next life. In addition to these stories and titles, I plan to establish a program that will enable serious writers to achieve their publishing goals. I intend to develop a marketing program that will build my own success, and that will also help me help others to realise their potential. I plan to help those who believe in me, and those whom I believe in make it happen. Together, I believe, dedicated writers can learn that isolation isn't a required element of successful writing.

Thank you, Mary, for inviting me to participate in your blog and your writer interview project. I am honoured to be a part of your program.

Stilts: Blurb to entice you further
No way in hell can a boy survive with his legs shot out from under him. Harsh realities dictate that the weak perish while the strong survive, and there’s no compassion for those who cannot fend for themselves.
Life without your legs is a sure sign that you’ll die ...
unless you’re born with a lot of heart and a will to live long enough to serve your own kind of justice. 
Randy learns to get along perfectly with his powerful arms and shoulders, and a pair of stubs ending just above his knees. But a set of wooden legs designed for him by Father Jeremy, a priest in need of saving, become weapons no outlaw can outshoot. Will Stilts manage to keep his soul in the process?
Available on Amazon at

Buried Memories … blurb
Diligent Barker has pushed the past aside in an effort to find his future. He’s a hardworking wrangler who likes to whittle and adores kids. The buried memories he holds for a lost daughter, brutally murdered, are rekindled by a young girl who shows up in his new life. Love and loss help this hardened cowboy accept strange and wonderful things, even the possibility that his own little girl might be channeling back to him through another precocious child … a child looking for her own parents’ killers.
But evil runs deep in Diligent’s town. He’s not the only one with something to hide. What the others are up to makes Barker’s past look like child’s play. Forced to face his own dark past, Diligent is guided by a girl who may not be real, but is willing to be as alive as it takes to find justice. Will Diligent find a way past his own darkness and into a new light?
Available on Amazon at  :

Find Earl Chessher at: 

Tuesday, 14 July 2015

COVER REVEAL from Elle J Rossi

Excited to announce on my blog and thrilled to share with you, from top selling author, Elle J Rossi, the cover of her next book.

The fourth installment of The Josie Hawk Chronicles is headed your way this Autumn!

Are you ready for Scarlet Tears?

As a huntress protecting the streets of Nashville from the evil that lurks at night, Josie Hawk has seen her fair share of darkness. But when her past collides with the present, she is forced to replay the darkest days of her life.

A killer is leaving a trail of death in her city, and his twisted signature is all too familiar. Along with her mate, Keller, and the GATE crew, Josie tracks the elusive vampire hell-bent on exposing the secret world of the lore and destroying the only family she has left.

With paranormal activity escalating to an all-time high in Nashville, Josie must decide if protecting one is worth the risk to all.

Add Scarlet Tears at Goodreads,

This book as stated is part four of the cracking series, The Josie Hawk Chronicles. 

To learn more about Elle and The Josie Hawk Chronicles, visit her at

Saturday, 4 July 2015

Breaking the Internet in Manchester

Earl Chessher
I love it when a plan comes together. This week has been one of those occasions when such a thing happened. With social media, everyone has a chance to meet and chat with people from all corners of this round planet. Sometimes it's to network and further business and other times it nurtures new friendships.
Through my writing, I am a member of many Facebook pages for writers, but one in particular has become a second home for me. It is known as Fiction Writers Group and is headed up by a wonderful guy called Earl. He is the leader of more than 7000 members in this group and he keeps us all in check as no self-promotion is the main rule. It is a forum to go to for a chat, seek help with your writing, gain advice and for sure make great friends.
Patti, Earl and  I.
So back to my original sentence, when a plan comes together. I and one of my friends, Patti, from the group agreed to meet up when she was over from the US, (Pennsylvania to be exact) for a holiday in the UK, I was able to go visit my son and daughter- in-law in the UK, so I was happy too to travel. Anyhow, when I posted on the group site that this was happening and if any other members were available to join us in Manchester, it would be ideal.
I think what sealed it for others was the royal presence of our leader, Earl, (all the way from California) announcing he would be there, got the others to gather.
Some of the group
This would be the 1st time we would all meet each other in the flesh, having chatted and shared for years on the Internet. We were going to break that Internet connection and hug each other for real. WOW, it was a magic moment, sitting together around a table, eating, drinking, chatting, laughing, taking photos, a little nervous but feeling on cloud nine. We had done it, we were more than just Internet buddies, we were friends on all realms forever more.
Already looking forward to when someone else suggests another chance to meet and break that net connection.

Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Launching Tomorrow June 24th

It is upon us once more, another launch. This time a new genre, erotic romance, a new journey in the writing world for me.
On release tomorrow is One Night in Barcelona, it is number 13 in the City Nights Series from Tirgearr Publishing. A hot erotic romance that takes place in a beautiful city with the story unfolding over twenty four hours in the lives of Natasha and Carlos. Have a read of the blurb below and whet your appetite for a sizzling sexy read that will have you booking your flight to Barcelona for love.

Book Blurb
A weekend in Barcelona is what Natasha Gordon needs to help rid her life of her now ex-boyfriend. The mix of sunshine and wine, all shared with a sexy Spanish waiter goes a long way to easing her broken heart. What she hadn’t planned on was falling for Carlos, who is not just the waiter but owns the café.  Doing her best to ignore her lustful hot thoughts towards him, Natasha fails and gives in to what she believes is no strings attached sex. But after twenty four hours together, is she in love and has she got a future with Carlos? 

Available for pre-order at the following link

Wednesday, 17 June 2015

****Summer Sale Double Celebration****

On June 19th until the 22nd, I am putting the E-book formats of my contemporary fiction novel, My Husband's Sin and my historical western, The Runaway on sale for 99c/99p.

This is to celebrate the terrific news that My Husband's Sin is being launched in print format for those of you who are not E-Reader users on this Monday June 22nd.

So grab your e-copy of both My Husband's Sin and The Runaway this weekend, including Monday, the 22nd .
To avail of this LIMITED opportunity, follow the below links.

I am also thrilled to tell you of the launch of my new erotic romance, One Night in Barcelona.
If you want a sexy read to sizzle on holiday with while you relax by the pool sipping a cocktail, then this is the story for you. Launching on June 24th, it is available for pre-order now. This new release is part of the City Nights series from my publishers Tirgearr Publishing,   and it is lucky number 13 in the series.




Thursday, 4 June 2015


My Husband's Sin. 

I have been receiving some e-mails from you,  my kind readers asking me when would my novel be available in print format to buy for family and friends. I appreciate that not everyone has access to an e-Reader, so to answer your question, it will be out the end of June 2015.
Being offered  a contract is something a lot of writers dream about, me included. When I signed with Tirgearr Publishing, I was walking on air. The day, My Husband's Sin, launched last August 2014, was a day I celebrated with many of you.
It is now time to celebrate again as it will be possible to buy a print copy and hold the physical book to read and enjoy. It will be available on all Amazon sites and in bookshops also.

Sunday, 31 May 2015

Sizzling Summer Ahead, Cover Reveal Today

One Night in Barcelona

Revealing a cover is always an exciting time for an author. I so enjoy it and today's cover reveal is my 3rd. I love this cover and I know you will too. One Night in Barcelona is part of the City Nights Series from Tirgearr Publishing.
Whether this summer will be sunny and warm or pouring with rain, I can guarantee a HOT SEXY read where all your senses will sizzle!!
Launching on June 24th, my erotic romance, One Night in Barcelona, will have you booking your plane tickets for this great city.

It is now available for pre-order on Amazon sites and Smashwords, so don't delay get your name on a copy of One Night in Barcelona.

Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Meet another awesome author, Mary Wehr

I have great joy in introducing you to another author friend, Mary Wehr. I put some questions to Mary and you can read what she shared with me during our chat. She is one interesting lady! I also want to say thank you to Mary for dropping by. 

Can you tell us a little about yourself

Thanks so much for having me on your blog, Mary. I grew up in a small town in Pennsylvania. My dad was a coal miner and my mom a homemaker. I have four brothers. Two older and two younger, so that puts me right smack in the middle of endless torture. lol Brothers just have to pick on their sisters, right? J We’re much older now and even though they get in a zing in now and again, I know I can count on them if I need anything.
I’m married to a great guy and have one daughter who is on her own and doing well. That’s all a parent can ask for. I love animals and have two pets. A dove named ‘Scrappy’. He just turned 16 this past April and Cocobears is my sweet guinea pig. He’s getting old too and, of course, I dread when their time comes and I’ll have to say goodbye. I do have a variety of wildlife that knows a sucker when they see one. Deer, squirrels, chipmunks, birds

  What genres do you like to write in?
I love reading Historical Westerns, Domestic Discipline and Contemporary romance so that’s what I love to write. My heroes are always Alpha, but not obnoxious and my heroines are sassy and spirited.
  What is the title of your latest book, (tell us a bit about it)? 
Wild for You is my latest Historical western. It’s the sequel to ‘Charley’s Pride’. I don’t have a release date yet. The secondary characters in Charley’s Pride’ Nathan Holt and Bonnie Blakely, get their story. Unedited blurb of Wild For You:
Nathan Holt longs for a relationship with Charlotte, his half-sister and, with some luck, lasso a certain blue-eyed blonde in dire need of taming. But Bonnie Blakely had been raised a proper lady. Was she too genteel for his base appetites? Most importantly, would both women turn away from him when they learn he has blood on his hands?
Bonnie has lost all hope of falling in love with a man strong-willed enough to put her across his knee. A brief encounter with Nathan Holt had held promise, but he left Swiftwater, Kansas years ago. He promised he’d be back. As time passed without a word, Bonnie feared her dreams of his firm hand and unconditional love would never be fulfilled. Content: Spanking, Explicit sex, HEA

  What are you currently working on? 
Right now I’m working on a Contemporary/AP romance. Ageplay is a bit out of my comfort zone, but I thought I’d give it a shot.

  When and where do you like to write? Have you a favourite place? 
The time I write really varies with the season and my mood. In the Winter, I write off and on all day, but during the warm weather I love to be outside so I usually try to get some writing time in early morning and late night. My favorite spot to write is by the window so I can keep an eye out for my critters. They are always looking for food. lol

  Has there been a defining moment in your career that made you think, ‘Yes, I am a writer’? 
After six books it still hasn’t sunk in. lol

  What is next for you? 
I don’t know. I wouldn’t mind doing a box set again. I’ve done two so far. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

Charley’s Pride
Separated from her father for ten years, Charlotte was determined to leave Boston and travel to Kansas with or without her mother's permission.
 Propriety be damned! If it wasn't proper for a young girl to travel alone, she would disguise herself as a boy.
A man was considered lucky if he had a steady job, a roof over his head and an obedient wife. Ranch foreman Slade Hazard already had two out of the three.
 A couple of docile ladies lived in Swiftwater, Kansas, and would fit his needs nicely. He might not be in love, but he'd be a faithful husband, a good provider and hopefully, in due time, a father. Yep, he knew exactly what he wanted, that is, until he met Charlotte "Charley" Henry. 
 The train ride to Cheyenne had gone off without a hitch, just as Charlotte thought it would. The jaunt on the stage taking her to Swiftwater, Kansas, should be a cinch.  Even better, the tall, broad shouldered man sharing the stagecoach was a dream come true. A pity she couldn't reveal her true gender to the handsome Slade Hazard, and try a bit of flirting. Then the stagecoach is held up by a trio of bandits. Slade is determined to keep the passengers safe, even if he has to threaten the unruly 'boy' with a good strapping.
 Charley's sassy mouth lands her into trouble and when the truth of her gender is in danger, she has no choice. She must reveal herself to Slade.
 Charlotte had never been spanked in her entire life, but Slade soon remedies the matter more than once. Her dream man wouldn't dare take her across his knee, but would she be content with a man she could run roughshod over?
 Slade thought he knew what he had wanted in a wife, but he actually enjoys sparring with the fiery redhead. Is it possible to fall in love at first sight? When Charlotte disappears just as the prisoner is released, more than one man fears for her safety. But who will find her first?

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Sunday, 17 May 2015

Another Title for Jeff.

I am excited to welcome fellow Tirgearr author Jeff Gardiner to my blog and to share his new novel with you all. 

Mary Bradford: I want to ask you about your new novel, Treading On Dreams. Will you tell us about the theme behind it, and what were your thoughts on writing this book? 

Jeff Gardiner: It’s the worst thing in the world: being in love, or even obsessed with someone who doesn’t feel the same way about you.
“Let’s just be friends” or “I don’t feel the same way about you” are terrible phrases to hear. There’s very little you can do about it whilst clinging on to your dignity, unless you plan to provoke or bore them into eventual submission. The message is pretty clear.
It’s not easy to then ignore the images, emotions, thoughts and fantasies dominating your mind, as those cruel words echo through it (usually when you wake up at 3am). But just for your own sanity you’ve got to decide whether to continue with the friendship and hope – risking serious hurt as you watch them get involved in other relationships; or to give up on them entirely.
In Treading On Dreams, Donny is obsessed with Selena who is engaged to the perfect man. But Donny refuses to give up, and he bides his time. It’s a risky strategy, which is very likely to go horribly wrong.
I wrote Treading On Dreams in an attempt to explore how those feelings of hope and desire mix with the jealousy and anger rising from romantic and sexual rejection. Donny attempts to distract himself from his obsession by enjoying other sensual and sometimes overwhelming new experiences, guided by his dubious friend, Jaz. It’s contemporary fiction, with twenty-something characters learning about love (or not).

Donny is obsessed with his housemate, Selena – but his love is unrequited. He enthusiastically accepts her willing friendship, which only fuels his deepening fantasies.
 Jaz is their crazy landlord who likes sleeping with women – lots of them. He takes pleasure in educating the once innocent Donny in the hedonistic pleasures of sex, drugs and rock’n’roll. It blows Donny’s mind.

Selena is engaged to Melvin – the perfect man – but is also keen to befriend the ever-demanding Donny ... until she falls pregnant and her wedding looms.
Donny expresses his true feelings at the wedding, causing mayhem and anger. But there remains a chink of hope: perhaps Selena’s marriage to Melvin is not quite as perfect as it seems.

Now Read an Extract from TREADING ON DREAMS:

Donny sat in his room reading, until interrupted by a light tap on his door.
‘Is it okay if I come in?’
He jumped up and opened the door. ‘Of course. I always allow beautiful women into my bedroom.’ She didn’t respond with her usual coy smile.
‘I need to have a chat with you, Donny. Is now a good time?’ She sat on the corner of the bed and he sat next to her, carefully cradling his drink.
‘Donny, I get this feeling you and I have been getting quite close recently and I’ve really enjoyed your company and friendship.’
Donny’s face went hot.
‘Yes, it’s been wonderful. I love being with you.’
‘Well, I don’t think we should spend so much time together.’
Blood pumped in his ears and it almost deafened him. ‘Sorry?’
‘I only want us to be friends. I don’t want any more than that, Donny.’
‘Oh… no, okay.’ However, it wasn’t him speaking; he was a character in a corny film.
She walked out without looking at him or saying another word.


The phrase haunted Donny’s mind, echoing through the lonely darkness of each night: ‘I only want us to be friends.’ He imagined Selena saying it to him with her face warped into a mocking snarl.
After a while, the tablets started to lose their effect and waiting to drift into sleep was a tortured agony, but the more he thought about sleep, the more awake he felt.
How stupid he was to believe he ever had a chance with Selena. Scared of bursting into tears when meeting her, he avoided her for a few days, until one day he walked in on her making a cup of tea.
They both smiled politely but managed to avoid a conversation. Once Selena had made her drink, she quickly scuttled off to her room for the evening.
Donny struggled to put his thoughts together with his mind a jumble of loss, vulnerability, and dismay. 

Some interesting facts about Jeff and how to get in touch with him

Jeff is a British author and editor, born in Nigeria, now living in West Sussex. Treading On Dreams is published by Tirgearr, and his other novels are Myopia and Igboland (both published by Crooked Cat), and he also has a collection of short stories and a non-fiction work to his name. Jeff recently gave up teaching to concentrate on writing, editing and performing, and has just signed a three book deal with Accent Press for his ‘Gaia’trilogy.

Jeff’s Website:

TREADING ON DREAMS purchase links:

Mary Bradford: I want to thank Jeff for dropping by and sharing his work with us and wish him great success with his novel.