Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Writer, Patricia Stinson

Today I introduce another writer from across the Atlantic Ocean. Patricia Stinson, has shared a little about herself with me and in turn, I want to share it with you. 

Patricia was born and raised in Minnesota. She loves horseback riding (English and Western), reading, and writing mysteries, (loves to plot murder), and historical westerns. She taught three years in Austin, Minnesota, two years in the jungle of New Guinea and thirty years in Minneapolis, Minnesota. 
Patricia believes good fiction does not require swearing to give the readers entertainment.  She also thinks readers want more than entertainment; they want to think about the characters and the way those characters chose to handle their problems.  She wants to challenge the reader to think what they would do in a like situation. Was the character right or wrong? 

So to know more about Patricia, I suggest, you go to the below links and discover more about this lovely lady. 

You can also find her on Facebook at www.facebook.com/psreadllc  
Also find her on Twitter at  http://twitter.com/pstinson23

Monday, 13 October 2014


But I am going to tell you anyway.  I was reading an article on ‘Do People Really Know You?’  It was interesting and I decided I would share some things that most people would not know about me.  These are random facts, nothing earth shattering but maybe surprising. So here goes.

I sleep on the right side of the bed. Even in a single, I turn to the right.

I have never been on a horse. Something I must do.

I love being put to sleep by anaesthetic, (will be explained by a later fact)

Courtesy of Wikipedia. 
I dislike mornings, until I get up then I’m okay. My Dad always said it was the best time of the day and he was right.

My favourite painting is ‘The Meeting on the Turret Stairs’ by  Frederic William Burton. I have it on my sitting room wall, above the mantel.  The real thing is totally beautiful to look at.

I enjoy ironing; I find it therapeutic and a great time to think about my stories. My characters and I have great conversations with each other.

I love strong colours, reds, oranges, autumn colours and deep purples, pinks and blues.

I like to go against the norm, to think outside the box, to test my comfort zones. 

I have had meningitis in my late teens and most things ending in ‘itis’. I have been my doctor’s best friend, a real challenge for the poor man. The day I walked out of his surgery on my own and not have to be taken out on a trolley to a waiting ambulance, he said he should have taken a photo.

One of the occasions, in the ambulance with blue lights flashing, I found myself slipping into unconsciousness, then I heard the paramedic say”Step on it, Mike, we’re losing her”, and I said my goodbyes to my family in my heart and cried.

I give thanks to God, daily for the many blessings in my life.

To read more about the above painting , please follow the link. 

Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Join Dellani Today, for Conduct Unbecoming

Did you fall in love with Teague McMurtry in The Ninja Tattoo? Well, he's back and sassier than ever! This time, he's got help from his family as well as his good friend, Jasper Waters.
Jasper's a former Marine who is now a cop. Quite by accident, he's involved in helping Teague find an old friend—Nadeya.
Nadeya has a problem—lots of them, really. Her fiancĂ©e was murdered and she's seeking revenge against the men who did it. Unfortunately, the one man who could have helped her has been brutally murdered and the police are looking for Nadeya as a person of interest. Join Teague, Vivica, Jasper and Nadeya as they search for the truth.

It took awhile to find the perfect picture for this cover. I had a very specific message in mine—don't mess with Nadeya. I wanted a picture of a woman who was attractive, but looked like a bit of a bad ass. With the help of my good friend, Suzette Vaughan, I found just such a picture. With her expert help, this cover was born! I'm really excited about how well this came out. It expresses Nadeya's strength, but her inherent vulnerability and loneliness. Thank you, Suzette 

So what about the lady herself?

Dellani Oakes makes her home in Florida, but she grew up in Western Nebraska. Before that, she lived in Tennessee, Ohio, Massachusetts and Texas. After graduating from high school, she added Mississippi. The diverse locations gave her a unique perspective on life. Always a people watcher, Dellani put that talent to use when she became an author. She took up writing full time when her youngest son started kindergarten in 2002. Since then she has published five books. Her two romantic suspense novels are with Tirgearr Publishing and an historical romance and two sci-fi novels with Second Wind Publishing. She also has contributed to several anthologies, MJ Magazine and shares her unpublished works on her blog. Because she loves to talk to other authors, Dellani hosts two talk shows a month on Blog Talk Radio. Armed with bravado and wonderfully supportive friends and family, Dellani had embarked on a journey of self-publication. Conduct Unbecoming is her first venture into this new, and somewhat scary world.

Dellani would like to share an excerpt with you the reader 

Excerpt taken from Chapter Six

"You don't mind sharing with me, do you?" Joel asked Aileen.
"Do you snore?"
"Not that anyone's ever told me."
"Joel doesn't have sleepovers often," Jasper said. "He wouldn't know."
Joel punched Jasper hard in the chest. "Back the fuck off, Waters."
Vivica interceded once more. "Do you guys need anything?"
"I've got a change of clothing in the car," Joel said, heading outside to get it. He slammed the door behind him.
Jasper watched him leave, jaw working angrily. Vivica had to speak to him again to get his attention.
"I just need a toothbrush and some boxers. I'm good to go."
"Teague has some new ones here somewhere. They should fit you. Hang on." She ducked into the master bedroom and brought out a pair of plaid boxers.
Jasper thanked her and went in the bathroom. Vivica and Aileen made the bed while he took a quick shower. Joel still hadn't come back in. Concerned, Aileen called him, but his phone went to voice mail.
"I'm going to go look for him," she said.
Vivica nodded and tucked in the blanket. Aileen went outside. She found Joel sitting on the neighborhood dock, gazing at the moon. He looked up when she sat down on another deck chair.
"He really gets under my skin," he explained. "And I let him. I want to kick myself in the ass."
"What's with you two. You seem to hate each other."
"No. Jasper's a good guy, he's just so competitive. I've been on the receiving end more times than I'd like. He's a sore loser, but he's a worse winner. Problem is, I am too." He chuckled, shaking his head. "We're too damn much alike to be friends. The only reason we tolerate each other is because of Teague."
"He's always had that effect, hasn't he? I've never seen someone who can bring people together and get the best out of them like he can. God, he had me charmed and in his bed faster than any man I've ever met."
Joel held up his hand, halting her monologue. "I can handle many things. But hearing how good my cousin is at seducing a beautiful woman is not one of them."
"As all hell," Joel admitted. He stared across the water.
"I can't imagine you've had much trouble along that line," Aileen said quietly. She scooted closer, shivering.
Joel flung an arm around her, pulling her closer. "I'd loan you my jacket if I had one."
"This is good. So, you don't want to know how he seduced me?"
"Nope. Why would I?"
"Because it might work for you too."
Joel chuckled, rubbing her arm. "There is that. Maybe I'll find my own way."
Aileen gazed into his eyes. They looked silver in the moonlight. "How would you go about it?"
"First, I'd take you for a ride in my sexy car."
She giggled. "And then?"
"Then I'd buy you a cup of coffee and a slice of the best pie in town."
"Jasper actually did that."
"Yeah, but I drove you there in my sexy car."
"Then I'd have me a temper tantrum and storm outside like a three year old."
"Oooh, be still my fluttering heart."
Joel turned his face to hers, pulling her close. "Then, I reckon I'd get you by the river in the moonlight and hope you let me kiss you."
Aileen leaned closer. Joel brushed her cheek, touching her lips with his thumb. His lips met hers—warm and soft and full. She shivered against him, but not because she was cold. Joel's tongue flickered between her lips and she opened them more. He took full advantage, deepening the kiss. Sighing, they scooted closer together. Joel touched Aileen's cheek, his fingers winding in her hair. Gradually, his hand dropped to her shoulder before drifting down to her breast. Teasing her, he traced circles over her shirt.
The screen door of Vivica's house screeched, sounding loud in the still night. Joel's head snapped around.
"You two okay?" Vivica called.
"Yeah. Be right in, Viv.
Sorry," Joel replied. He stood, giving Aileen a hand up. Her arm slipped around his waist.
"That was a nice kiss. I'd like to continue that sometime."
Joel sighed. "But I'm guessing not tonight."
"Not tonight. But soon."
She started away from him. Joel caught her hand, pulling her back. The kiss was even more powerful when they were standing. His firm body pressed against hers. It felt good to have a man show his interest so definitively. There were no games with Joel. He liked her, he was attracted. She had no intention of bedding a man she'd known less than 12 hours—though it was damned tempting.
"How long did it take my cousin," he whispered huskily. His breath tickled her neck.
"A week."
Joel nodded, smirking. Arm slung around her shoulders, he planted a kiss on her cheek, smirking as they walked to the house.

Conduct Unbecoming is available at the following link http://tinyurl.com/kwt3ne9 

Monday, 6 October 2014

Lacey Taylor, Character Blog-hop 2014

Today I am taking part in a character blog-hop that I was tagged in by Sharon Burgess. Sharon loves to read and that is what prompted her to write fiction. When she is not in front of her computer writing or editing, she is comfortably settled in her recliner with a cat on her lap and reading a romance novel. I met Sharon through Linkedin. She is a most wonderful writer, her novel, Simply Irresistible: A Spruce Creek Romance was published in July. The Kindle version is coming soon. You can visit Sharon at her website, www.SharonBurgess.com to get to know her better. I want to thank her for asking me to be a part of this. 

So what is a character blog-hop? 
It is, very simply, a way for you the reader to learn more about a character in one of my books. Through questions and answers, more is revealed about a character. I have chosen, Lacey, the main character in my new novel. So read on to find out a little more and hopefully encourage you to want to read her story. 

What is the name of your character?  Is s/he fictional/historical?
My character's name is Lacey Taylor and she is a fictional person. Auburn haired, she is the youngest of four and had had a strained relationship with her mother all her life. Being the baby, her sisters and brother love her and feel the need to protect her.
When and where is the story set?
The story is set in Ireland and it is a present day setting. Lacey's life takes her on a different path then she had intended or thought it would go and so has to cross the water, to Chester, England for a short visit.
What should we know about your character?
She is a young woman who has never felt loved by her mother. So she searches for love and acceptance. But being young she also has no patience or the wisdom that comes with age. It makes her life's journey difficult and frustrating at times.
What is your character's goal?
To know her true identity, I would think. She battles with a lot of emotions, her family relationships all change and she needs answers to a lot of questions.
What is screwing up your character's life?
What has screwed up her life is her mother's nasty and unloving ways.
What is the title?
The title of the book is My Husband's Sin. When reading the book, the reader shall understand why I called it this.
Is the book published?
Yes, it is published with Tirgearr Publishing. To find it, please follow the link below.


Continuing on this character blog hop next Monday is writer Mary Angland. Mary has had stories successfully published and she also enjoys writing plays. Her play-work has been in rehearsed readings and will be on stage in early 2015. You can find Mary at the following link https://maryangland.wordpress.com/

Thursday, 2 October 2014

Meet Ted, Storyteller Supreme

Courtesy of www.writersofthewest.com
Did you know that western books are the most borrowed genre from libraries? Yep, so put on your Stetsons, pull on those chaps, don't forget the spurs and get ready to read some wonderful writing from top class western writers.I was thrilled when asked to join a group, who are reviving the Western genre and I heartily agreed to become a member. The group are called Writers of the West and more of what this outstanding collection of writers has to offer can be found at the following link  www.writersofthewest.com 

This week I introduce you to Ted Atoka, a man of awesome writing talents. He hails from the US and has written in many genres but it is through the Writers of the West that I first met this wonderful man. His novella, Come Sundown, under the auspices of Writers of the West  is a story about The Horse Trough Saloon, in Oklahoma. The saloon is being threatened by ruthless investors from Las Vegas, but what they haven't bargained for are the local townsfolk giving them a fight to protect what is theirs.
Come Sundown is available in both ebook from Amazon.com and Amazon .co.uk , Lulu and in print from http://www.lulu.com/spotlight/Ted_Atoka

Courtesy of Amazon.com
Ted has many short stories, novellas and books to his credit, he is a natural storyteller and when it comes to writing about everyday relationships, the man is a master. He connects the reader to his characters in a warm and subtle way that makes you the reader a part of the story.

For a more intimate setting why not pop over to https://www.smashwords.com/interview/TedAtoka and see what the man has to say for himself and why not visit his website and connect with this top class writer at http://tedatoka.weebly.com/

“Writers of the West” brings some of the best contemporary penslingers in fiction, offering up western storytelling based on just about every other genre you can imagine......all focusing on the original superheroes—cowboys, cowgirls and people of grit who tamed the wild west, or died trying."
Courtesy of WOW website