Friday, 5 July 2013

And then I read the Guidelines...

It happens, not only does it happen to other people but it happened to me. I, who live by guidelines and rules in my writing life, had fallen and oh how had I fallen. Allow me to explain although the title of this post is probably self explanatory.
One Friday evening, tired and emotional (in my defence) from my week I realised the closing date for a competition I wanted to enter was upon me and I had not sent in my story.
So out came my laptop, competition site opened up and a few finger taps later my entry was sailing through cyberspace, on its way to winning me a wonderful prize (positive thinking people, it’s the secret).
Now I have a wonderful writing buddy who has chastised me for being quick to tap buttons on my laptop. This long suffering friend, let’s call him Dan, answers all my Internet questions. So I couldn’t wait to tell Dan the next time we met how good I was at figuring out this online site by myself.
Well, having sent my story, I sat back to relax. As the automatic answer thanking me for my entry popped up before me, it was then I noticed it. Yes, you have it, the bloody guidelines, in more detail, a full large paragraph of the do’s and don’ts but BELOW the competition entry form.
Well I was now in a pickle because I had not scrolled down the page fully. I hadn’t copped the bloody things. Surely though, again in my defence, should the guidelines not have been placed ABOVE the entry form? Anyway off I sent an email to the hosts of the competition and explained my predicament, admitting my silly mistake. Telling Dan was also not so bright and beautiful anymore. When I did he just laughed, what could he do? He has lost hope with me a long time ago. Yes, it’s sad.  
So people take note, scroll down the full page and read everything and (as Dan silently screams at me each day), stop being tap happy with the keyboard when it comes to form filling etc.