Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Maeve Binchy

Missing Maeve,
I was both surprised and sad to hear of the death of Maeve Binchy this morning. I was truly saddened to hear this. What a warm and welcoming lady she was, always wanting and willing to share her writing knowledge and more with her readers across the world. It is with a deep sympathy that I extend my condolences to her husband Gordon and extended family. May she find peace and happiness in her new world and continue to share her stories with her new audience in Heaven. Maeve had a family link to Charleville and like the world over, she was loved here.

Sunday, 29 July 2012

All in a Week


I am still buzzing from an exciting week just gone. I got my books on to the shops bookshelves, then had two interviews with both local and provencial newspapers. One of the interviews reached the front page (see above) and the other is published next week. Then I had a twenty min interview on local radio. The radio station bcr92.6 fm, is giving me a podcast of the interview so I shall put it up at a later date.

Sunday, 22 July 2012

Thanks Oscar (and Ken)

Well I bit the bullet and approached the shops on my own to ask would they like to stock my collection, A Baker’s Dozen, on their shelves. I must tell you I couldn’t sell water in a drought. So having got the ball rolling by my terrific brother-in-law Ken who approached the first two shops, I had to do my part. First things first, I prayed. I was as nervous as a cat cornered in an alley full of dogs. Got my bag of books and posters and into the car and I set off. Oscar and I chatted the whole way on how I would open my sales pitch. Well, Oscar listened and I spoke.
My knees weren’t knocking like I thought they would, the worst the shopkeepers can do is say no and I would smile politely, thank them for their time and then curse when I got outside. Okay so I had strategy, this put me in a positive position.
“Hi, my name is Mary Bradford and would you be interested in stocking some of my books please?”
“Sure, let me have a look”
It was now my knees went wobbly because I hadn’t prepared for them saying yes!!
So I went from town to town and all I met were kindness and smiles. So on the way home, I thanked Oscar over and over and again he listened. My books are now in Charleville, Mallow, Newcastlewest, Doneraile and Limerick newsagents and bookshops. So thank you Oscar, he’s my Guardian Angel and never lets me down, and we shall be on the road again this week.

Sunday, 15 July 2012

New Cover for my Ist Collection

Here is my new cover photo for my collection of Short Stories, A Baker's Dozen. When I published this collection last Autumn, the original cover photo was commented upon and so I took on board what my readers said and hey presto, my new cover photo! It is available as both paperback and as an eBook from Amazon and Smashwords. The paperback version is available from me and it is also in local bookshops from this week onwards. I am really thrilled at this new development.