Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Happy Days

I have been so busy lately that all things writing was pushed to the side. So it was with great pleasure that I received a request asking me for an interview about my writing and other bits about life. It was a light hearted chat that I really enjoyed and got me focused again on my writing. I shall be putting up the link for the interview with author Daniel Kaye when it is published.
I have since completed a short story and started another, both for an anthology that is planned for September 2012. Also acheived was some work on the agenda for a workshop that is taking place on April 21st by our writing group in our local library which is titled, 'An Introduction to Creative Writing'. This is free to the public and will take place on a Saturday morning.
I got some tagless dialogue completed which is part of an exercise for our writing group so it feels good to be back in the writing zone. So Happy Days  :)